Laboratory for Functional Genome Analysis (LAFUGA)
LAFUGA was established in 2003 as an integrated technology platform with the units Animal Models (Wolf), Genomics (Blum) and Proteomics (Arnold). LAFUGA has state-of-the-art equipment for the generation and analysis of mammalian model organisms and for molecular profiling at the genome, transcriptome and proteome level (see www.lafuga.de).

Mouse Reverse Genetics Unit
Current techniques for the genetic modification of mice are routinely established (pronuclear DNA microinjection, ES cell-based techniques, inducible and conditional systems). In addition to our own research we offer these technologies in collaborative projects with academic partners.

Reproductive Biotechnology Unit
At our experimental farm, the Moorversuchsgut Badersfeld (MVG), assisted reproduction techniques in large animal models (cow, pig), such as the recovery, in vitro maturation and fertilization of oocytes, and the culture of embryos are routinely established.

Platform ‘Advanced Preclinical Animal Models’
Within the BMBF-funded Leading-Edge Cluster “m4 – Personalized Medicine and Targeted Therapies” a platform for the generation, characterization, and implementation of tailored large animal models has been established. The platform is maintained by our Institute, the Chair for Livestock Biotechnology (A. Schnieke) at the TU Munich, and the company MWM Biomodels GmbH.

German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD)
The German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD), funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, is a national association that brings together experts in the field of diabetes research and combines basic research, translational research, epidemiology, and clinical applications. Read more....